I'm a product designer at GrabHealth based in Singapore - passionate about exploring various cultures, history, urban anthropology and cuisines 🥾

Some fun facts about me

Hi, I'm Chia, a UX designer based in Singapore and raised in Taiwan. I believe leveraging user-centered design mindset to business mission can provide values for people and company respectively.

I've started to write articles on Medium two years ago to share my takeaways and reflections on China digital product world with others. My initiative was to help people fast adapt China's UX domain and digital product environments as for its exclusiveness and uniqueness from the rest of the world.

Currently, I'm working at GrabHealth in Singapore - a leading telemedication focus catering to Indonesia market. Prior to my relocation, I've worked at Tang UX consulting in Shanghai. I designed the market-leading China rental apartment web experience and the novel holiday entertainment brand digital experience; I also took in charge of the research and design of a short-video APP in China. I've managed projects at Square Home digital service agency in Taipei across various industries regarding e-commerce websites, event site, and many more

Besides design, I also love traveling that broadens my horizon and inspires me. Personally, I believe design resonates with our life experience, places where we live, and people who we meet.

Work Experience

I've had experience on working as a project manager, researcher, UX designer for more than five years. Find out more on Linkedin.

Product Designer 

GrabHealth (Good Doctor Technology), Singapore・Dec 2019 - Now

UX Designer 

Tang UX Consulting, Shanghai, China・Dec 2017 - Nov 2019

Project Manager & UX Designer

Squarehome Digital Marketing, Taipei, Taiwan・Sep 2015 - Nov 2017

  • Remain working from home since the end of Mar👩‍💻 - 2020

  • Hosted several co-creation workshops with clients - 2019

  • Co-led future mobility workshop at China UXPA conference - Nov 2018

  • Organized reading group meetup about UX design - 2017

  • Won Silver Prize at Taichung Cultural & Creative Product Competition- Tea infuser - 2016

  • Participated in Taiwan Young Designers Exhibition - 2014

"Travel is like reading a book while reading is like travel."

I love to travel, explore the new things and meet up with people from different background and culture, which inspires me and broadens my mind. 

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