Snow White

Event Campaign Design

This project comes from a 50-year-old brand, Snow White, that produces skin care, shampoo, shower gel and other daily products in Taiwan. In order to renovate the brand, we help the client to operate a marketing campaign and make an event site to engage with their major target audience and the younger.  

Project Objective Were to:

  • Make an event site with decent visual design

  • Drive more people to complete the action ( fill up the receipt lottery )

  • Monitor user data with Google Analytics tracking code

My role

I was the project manager​ and UX designer.

Design Highlights

Generally, event sites tend not to have complicated features but more eye-catching visual design and interactions to attract people. Accordingly, on the landing page, we decided to put the event time with motion and countdown on the header to emphasize the limited time to participate this event. Not only did this site promote the event, but it also introduced our client's products. So we made product introduction more interactive and animated to people.

Data Monitoring

With our media buying strategy, we intensively tracked data like bounce rate, clicks, impressions, traffic channels, actions and user behaviors on the site so that we were able to optimize and refine our media buying plan.

Hypothesis & Measurement

We supposed the CTA button on the landing page would directly guide visitors to the event registration section below. In order to prove hypothesis, we monitored 'clicks' of the CTA button on the landing and also these of the button 'send' from the registration form. After, the data showed clicks of the button on the landing page was almost equal to these of the button 'send'. In a word, the CTA button did successfully drive people to fill up the form below.  

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