Select Shop E-commerce

Website Design

This project was a customized e-commerce website as an online select shop. The client sold decent female selected products like cosmetics, skin care, shampoo, shower gel, nail polishes, etc.

Project Objective Were to:

  • To build an e-commerce website where people can buy products and finish payments online with a third-party payment service

  • To make the checkout and sign up process easy for users

  • To distinguish return & refund options by customer's reason of return

My role

I was the project manager​ and UX designer.


Case Study

Firstly, we did competitive analysis among all the reputable e-commerce platforms in Taiwan such as 91APP, Shopline, meepshop, Shopify and so forth to understand what must-have and should-have features an e-commerce website needed like what we had done for the first EC project.

How We Make Product Tangible

We brainstormed what features the publishing page and the administrative panel had and the functional map based on the research we'd done. Among all the features, the order process, order state and logic for discount & promotional campaigns were the most difficult parts to deal with.

Functional Map of Publishing Page

Functional Map of Administrative Panel

As I mentioned above, I made a logic flow chart for the most complicated features, order process and order state, to better discuss with the developer team.

Logic Flow for Orders

Then based on the user story, functional maps and flow charts, I created all the wireframe and UI flow for the publishing page and the administrative panel including various page states like empty, maximum and error ones.  

UI Flow

For checkout page, users are segmented to those who don't have an account yet and the other do. Accordingly, these two segmentation go through different user flow and pages. The one with an account are asked to sign in first and the other can go on checkout page directly and finish sign-up in checkout process.  

Wireframe for administrative panel

Wireframe for publishing pages

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